“The masculine is sovereignty, the crown upon your soul. Femininity is humility and unconditional love, the heart within the breast of your soul and together they make the whole soul essence.” St. Germain

We live in a physical universe that consists of many opposites. This polarity can be found in all things including our emotions and feelings. For example, we know that for sadness there is joy, for love there is fear, for hatred there is compassion, for anger there is forgiveness, and so on. 

The opposites reflect the dual nature of our creator, Father/Mother God. Eastern mystical teachings tell us that the male/female principle of polarity was and still is the driving force of creation that ordered and arranged our physical universe and all that it contains, including you. 
On a much smaller scale, these two polarities of energy are an integral part of our soul and our nature. Prior to the Fall of humanity on planet Earth, our natural spirit-form was an androgynous Being of Light. Our one, whole, etheric body contained a masculine and feminine consciousness. Its one mind can be likened to a magnet with two, distinct poles of energy and influence. This one complete being was a divinely balanced blend of two twin consciousnesses within the same soul. 

We came to Earth millions of years ago in order to experience and feel what is was like to exist at the 3-dimensional level and to bring a sense of Godliness to this plane of existence. We then lost our way as we became more and more attached to the physical pleasures Earth life had to offer. Eventually we lost our God-centeredness and became ego-driven or self-centered. At some point, our androgynous body separated into two halves as physical man and physical woman. 

In order to help us remember who we really are, the reincarnational cycle and the law of karma that goes with it pulled us into its grip. We have been on that wheel of life-death-life for ages trying to recall our divine origins so that we can reclaim our God-centeredness and reunite with our twin soul, as we were prior to the Fall.

When twin souls separated from one another, one was assigned a masculine root gender, the other was feminine. When that happened, the male twin half retained a vestige of his twin’s feminine energy. The opposite occurred for his other half. 

Over many lifetimes each male and female counterpart has been trying to bring his or her masculine and feminine energies in balance. This doesn’t mean that a woman has to be half feminine and half masculine. It means that she needs to fully develop her feminine characteristics, while at the same time allowing her masculine side to grow and mature as well. The opposite holds true for a man. 

When the two twin halves have balanced their masculine and feminine sides and have reached a strong sense of self and spiritually maturity, they are ready for lasting reunion.  

Through the ages, the masculine and feminine energies have gotten way out of balance. Thousands of years ago the female energy was the dominant form on this planet; just the reverse of what it is today. And men came to fear women because of it.
Approximately 2000 years ago it reversed and man’s innate fear of woman caused the female energy to be suppressed. But that is changing dramatically these days. The feminine energy is rising once again. And its influence is driving the spiritual transformation of our planet and all its inhabitants.
What are some of the masculine and feminine energies that need balancing

Masculine Energy

  • doing
  • aggression
  • analytical
  • concrete
  • impatient
  • movement
  • striving
  • rushing
  • assertive
  • left brain
  • thrusting
  • organizing
  • logical
  • busy
  • hard
  • controlling
  • individuality
  • expression

Feminine Energy

  • being
  • surrender
  • intuitive
  • abstract
  • patient
  • stillness
  • tranquil
  • nurturing
  • receptive
  • right brain
  • receiving
  • synthesizing
  • creative
  • calm
  • soft
  • allowing
  • unity
  • silence

Many souls have incarnated on planet Earth at this time to bear witness to and assist in the changes that are taking place. There is a massive shift in consciousness taking place in our world today. The material ways of life are of less importance to many, while the spiritual becomes more and more vital and fulfilling.

As we go through this profound shift, many individuals are experiencing a deep, inner change as well. As this change intensifies, each of us must learn to bring into harmony the masculine/feminine energies that make up our nature. 

Men must be less controlling and more allowing. Women must be more assertive without sacrificing their warmth and softness. Men must not be afraid to cry and show their feelings. Women need to express themselves more. Men must rely more on their intuition, while women should develop their logical thinking. Men need to stop doing and striving so much and learn how to “be.” Women need to become more independent and aggressive. As always the key is balance.

Here is more wisdom about the masculine and feminine energies from the spirit P’taah and the book The P’taah Tapes: An Act of Faith…

Q: In our solar system, then, there would be a balance with male/female energies?A: P’taah: This is to occur, dear one. That is part of the changes coming forth. And that is how humanity will come into expanded consciousness – that they may at will tap into the Goddess energy, female energy; the feminine principle… and so it is that all of humanity, whatever their gender, are to come into that allowance, so that there may be that balance. And it is the balance of those polarities that creates what is called the jump in frequency.”

“Well, all of you here have seen the changes coming forth, and it will be more and more. It is not to decry that which is masculine energy, it is to have balance – that man and woman may have the balance of masculine and feminine energy. It can be likened to the two wings of a dove, dear ones. The dove will not fly on one wing.”

“Let there be no mistake about it: woman is in truth also coming from masculine energy. Your whole era, your whole Earth is geared to that at this moment, and that is one of the changes of this New Age. It is also called the arising of the Goddess. It is not just in woman, it is also in man.”

Along with all of the changes we are witnessing today, many are entering a new age for relationships as well. Be they soulmate or twin flame, each partner must try to reach a healthy balance of the male/female energies that are part of one’s make-up. As we look around the world today, that is beginning to happen. Many women are developing a greater sense of themselves. On the other hand, men have begun to nurture the tender qualities of their feminine side. 

The influence of the new Aquarian Age will prompt each and every one of us to rebalance the masculine/feminine energies within our nature. And, because of it, the quality of our partnershipswill increase dramatically.

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