With the MyLoA program, I have taken the most essential information from my years of teaching and created one “pocket-sized” program you can take to integrate the principles of creating a life you truly love. I have included powerful, experiential tools using which you can create one powerful transformative experience after another and make the Law of Attraction work in your life.
I have done this over the course of seven modules in the precise order you need to make these principles work:

The Law of Attraction and Resistance. There is so much misinformation about the Law of Attraction floating around that it’s no wonder people are confused, frustrated, and experiencing a lack of results. This module cuts through the vague explanations to give you a much more scientific look at what the Law of Attraction is – and what it isn’t. You’ll also gain an understanding of the role resistance (limiting beliefs and negative emotion) play in keeping your desires at bay.

Deciding what you REALLY want.
Very often people see slow progress with the Law of Attraction because they’re chasing after things they don’t really want. This module will help you gain the clarity you need to attract in alignment with who you really are and what’s really important!

Following Your Passion
We hear an awful lot about Passion, and the importance of discovering it. But what if you’re not clear on what your passions are? This section is definitely for you, and probably NOT what you expect!

Release Techniques
Once you understand the Law of Attraction, the ONLY thing that is going to keep your desire outside your experience of reality is resistance. The good news is that there are easy-to-use tools to eliminate resistance completely, and we introduce them to you here!

It’s no secret that visualization works to help you manifest your desire….IF you’re aware of this one technique that makes it work oh so much faster!

Intuition and Inspired Action
The attraction process isn’t about money and cars appearing out of thin air. You’re working in concert with Universal intelligence, and your role is to follow your intuition and take inspired action – but how the heck do you do that? It’s answered in this module.

Invitation for Support
At this point in the MyLoA program you’ve been given all the ingredients to successfully manipulating energy in such a way that you transform your experience of reality. But if you’re going it alone or in an unsupportive environment, it can sometimes be a slower process than it needs to be. Here I tell you how to get supported if you so desire.

You’ll learn about and EXPERIENCE two of the world’s most popular techniques for releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs (resistance) which are working against your efforts to attract what you want. When you clear the way energetically to receive your desires, the sky is truly the limit!

I am Dr. Advity Goswami a Master EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Sedona Method,  Release Technique Practitioner. I will explain to you about the two techniques and how to use them. I will also give you a full hour of actual releasing sessions that you can do while you listen to eliminate the energetic blocks which if not dealt with, will absolutely keep you from experiencing your full potential!

Weekend Program for individuals and small groups.
Fee INR 5555 per participant