Welcome to YogAyurVed – Bhopal’s premiere Yoga Ayurved Spa & Holistic Health Center. MerKaBa offers consultations, Yog, massages, beauty treatments, skin care, healing retreats and Weekend/Week-long Detox Programs.
Ayurved translating from Sanskrit as Knowledge of Life is the world’s oldest, most complete and time-proven healing science. It originated in India more than 5,000 years ago during the ancient Vedic culture, and known as Medicine of the Gods.
You can now experience India’s ancient healing art in the beautiful City Of Lakes, Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh is world renowned for its healing energies and spiritual masters. This is the perfect place to get away for deep relaxation and turning inwards. Its natural beauty is breathtaking, allowing us to reconnect to the earth.

Wholistic Health Consult
An in-depth session to help address your health concerns. With both illness and wellness perspective, whole health consultation includes:
• Finding out your Dosh (Ayurvedic Body Type)
• Pulse and Tongue analysis
• Individualized Diet and Nutrition information – including specific Ayurvedic recipes.
• Herbal Medicine suggestions
• Yog, exercise, meditation, and Pranayam breath practices
• Dinacharya – establish daily routine to find Mind-Body-Spirit balance
• Gentle Cleansing and Detoxification advice
• Time Management skills
• Ayurvedic Psychology – Stress coping skills & Dealing with relationships
Initial Consultation Fee: 1 hour. Rs. 750
Follow up Consultation: 1 hour in office visit Rs. 500

MerKaba has a range of Spa and Yog Massage treatments in its offerings.
PanchKarm Detoxification
PanchKarm is unique to Ayurved, a system based on thousands of years of healing. It is extremely nurturing, safe and gentle on the system. It is quite powerful and effective in removing toxins and stress from the deep tissues. The aim of PanchKarm is to totally detoxify and rejuvenate at the cellular level. The program offered here is designed to make you feel totally rested and relaxed.

• Prevent disease
• Reverse signs of aging
• Increase energy levels
• Experience deeply needed rest & relaxation
• Enjoy mental clarity and increased concentration
• Learn to eat correctly for your constitution
• Deepen self awareness & spirituality
• Clear emotional stagnation & experience inner joyt
• Develop a consistent daily routine that includes Yog, meditation, and self care.

Therapeutic treatment of diseases through Ksharsutra, Neti, Dhauti, Nauli, Basti, Shankhprakshalan,Pranayam, Tratak.

Yog and Vedic Astrology
In the Indian Vedic tradition, Yog and Jyotish are sister sciences of Ayurved. All three were studied simultaneously to achieve perfect health for the mind, body, and soul. The main purpose of all Vedic sciences is to lead us to enlightenment. In order to achieve this enlightened state, we must understand our true divine nature. Ayurved, Yog and Vedic Astrology stand as a tripod to help us achieve complete self awareness.
Enhance your Ayurvedic experience with Vedic Astrology Reading, which comes from ancient India, and is a system over 5,000 years old. It is called Jyotish in Sanskrit, which means the “science of light.” It is traced back to the RigVed, one of the most sacred scriptures from India.
One of the main purposes of Vedic astrology is to guide you live in a more enlightened way, and to help manage your personal planetary energies (the natal astrology chart), with the ultimate goal of expressing equanimity and compassion to others and ourselves. Vedic astrology uses the sidereal zodiac or the zodiac of the fixed stars, and is based on a more accurate astronomical view of the planets in the sky, so in this way differs from western astrology.

Yog & Meditation Class:
• To enhance your YogAyurvedic lifestyle regimen, we have partnered with many wonderful & experienced Yog teachers in Bhopal.
• One-on-one Yog therapy sessions are perfect if you have a particular health concern that should be addressed with individualized attention.
• Classes can be customized from gentle/restorative Yog to advanced practices.
• Please let our teachers know what your specific needs are.
• Choose a Private Yog & Meditation session.
• All of our partners are experts in their field, with many years of experience. These private sessions must be booked in advance, in order to insure scheduling.

YogAyurved for Mothers and Children – Healthy Family Services
• Ayurvedic Fertility Guidance
• Preparing to conceive
• Detox Cleansing for parents-to-be
• Proper nourishment and rejuvenation of reproductive tissues
• Ayurvedic Pregnancy Care
Preparing for your baby
• Pre Natal Ayurvedic suggestions
• Food and dietary guidelines
• Connecting with your baby spiritually
• Spa Services
• Post Partum Ayurvedic Doula Services
• The critical 6 week Post Partum health care
• How to prepare correct foods
• Cooking Classes & recipes
• Importance of Taking care of Mom
• Mother’s Massage Spa Package
• Training parents on Infant Massage
• Lactation recipes and advice
Families & Children
• Ayurvedic Pediatric Guidance
• Discovering natural ways to keep our children healthy
• Mealtime: Eating a well balanced diet
• Healthy Digestion
• Kitchen Medicine – Ayurvedic home remedies
Family routine “Dinacharya”
• Mental & Emotional Health: Improving focus, concentration
• Creating calm, clarity and alertness
• Importance of Sleep/ Wake Activity/Rest
• Natural Health Consults for ADD, ADHD, Hyperactivity and special needs
• Maintaining Immune strength through the seasons
• Creating Seasonal Rituals
• Rudolph Steiner’s Anthroposophical approach to raising children
• Raising Children with Vedic values

Pooja and Sacred Ceremonies
Pooja is a sacred and beautiful Vedic ceremony. It is a spiritual ritual performed by Hindus in which we offer prayers, worship, homage, and pay our respects to the divine deities of the universe. We praise them and thank them for all of the gifts they have bestowed upon us. In return we receive their blessings and protection. It is also a powerful way to begin the seeds of manifestation, whether we desire freedom from sufferings, for marriage & relationships, children, greater health, wealth, rise in status and position, etc., done on a variety of occasions and settings, from simple daily pooja done in the home, to elaborate temple ceremonies performed on holy days. Pooja done with devotion can be a means of clearing negative karma.
At MerKaBa, we perform these beautiful sacred Vedic ceremonies for and with you. They are simple, yet so sacred and effective. Each pooja is customized to your needs. You will be taught a special mantra for a specific purpose and deity. We will show you the steps in performing a basic pooja at home, so that you can continue to offer prayers and receive bountiful blessings.