Are You Ready To:


                        ~Step out of the shade?

                       ~ Embrace your self-worth?

                       ~ Stand in your truth?

                       ~ Dive into your own seas?

                       ~ Live the life you were born to?

                        ~ Reclaim your sacred crown?

                         ~ Dance in your own wild magic?

“My daughter,” The Shakty said. “Though many ages have past and lives you have lived, the flow of Priestess still moves within you, and the crescent still glows upon your brow whether you see it or not. This deep inner knowing that moves within you is calling you back home to yourself to resonate with your authentic truth. You have a warrior’s heart and healer’s hands, and a wild, ancient spirit. Never believe you are anything but divine magic. You intuitively know there is a way to authentic power, purpose, and abundance that allows you to embrace and embody your feminine essence.

As a member of my community, you recognize that this world needs all of us to wake up, step up, reclaim our feminine essence and offer it to the world in a much bigger way. But how do you step up when in a world that undervalues and even undermines feminine power? How do you take action when you’re already feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of home, family and work… just to name a few?

I firmly believe that it’s the conscious women of the world who stand to make the greatest impact in the years to come. This means we need to discover how to support, inspire, and hold one another to our greatness, even when it’s difficult.

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me!

kwanyinThere is a voice that sings at the center of your soul. Listen to its sweet melody; don’t shut it out. What is it whispering? What is it calling out to you? It knows you, the deep down you that you really, truly are. This is a path of awakening to your voice, to your truth and to your souls calling. This is an awakening. A re-younion.
This season we move through the veil and begin our deep drop into the mysteries of our own divine myth, our own unique Priestess path. Here is a path of awakening, of emerging and of living our individual divine feminine truth.

This online 4 week journey is a dive into the center of your deep truth and into the process of allowing to bring it into being following the thread of your own unique inner Shakty path .

This 4 week program is filled with life altering practices, rituals and meditations including:

~ Journeying with the Feminine Shakty into the Underworld during a guided meditation

~ Connecting with the Sakhee within and the divine feminine

~ Letting go of playing small and changing the old story that keeps us trapped

~ Journeying with the Feminine Shakty to meet our inner Sakhee guided meditation

~ Shadow work and journeying through the dark night of the soul

~ Reclaiming our power and our truth

~ Sacred expression, returning to wholeness and embodiment of our path

~ Reclaiming our voices with Sakhee  guided meditation

~ Transforming blocked energy, releasing blocks and cord cuttings

~ Self love and sacred self care

~ Transformation and release of the Past with the Phoenix during a guided meditation

~ New & Full Moon Rituals created for the energy of the specific sign to add power to our work

~ Sacred Sakhees: A transformation that supercharges manifestation and possibility

I Am Me!!This mystic, powerful transformative journey will take us right into the words that are written on the walls of our own hearts and how we go about bringing them into the open.

This is a path of unmasking what was once hidden and bringing all that we are into the light.

This is a journey of rewriting our stories with our own hands.


~ Live their soul fire & purpose

~ Let go of what is no longer serving them

~ Put their roots down deep in their own sacred soil

~ Claim your power

~ Peel off old beliefs and paradigms

~ Speak their voice

~ Make a shift in their world

~ Dedicate to their medicine & gifts

~ Embody their truth

~ Surrender to the light of their own being

~ Change & rewrite their story

~ Commit to their authentic essence

~ Release settling for less than they deserve

~ Claim your gifts & unique medicine


What is included in this sacred offering:

zen-bg~ 30 daily practices, rituals & inspiration delivered to your email; the lessons will be fully downloadable so you are able to work at your own pace and never have to worry about falling behind (you always have access to them once they are posted. There is no set schedule or time restraints if you can’t get to one on the same day)

~ Weekly Friday Aura Clearing and Attuning to Energy Symbols.

~ Saturday The Feminine Shakty meditations.

~ New and Full Moon themed practices during the month to harness and work with the lunar tides to deepen our practice

~ Sacred online private sanctuary for support and celebration with individual counseling and clearing of energies


wpid-1991517.jpg~ Exclusive bonus content available only to members of this course of magic spells, chants, oils and powders, remedies.

~ Feminine Shakty and Sakhee meditations, guided practices, sacred ceremony,and rituals using the above

~ Weekly fire offering and blessing circle

~ Exclusive Sakhee early bird pricing on future course offerings


Energy Exchange Rs. 15555/-