The Vision Retreat is a two day residential program for people who would like to be facilitated in developing their personal visions. With other participants, focused attention, and a dedicated away time, this is the time to put your visionary thoughts to the paper!
The purpose of the retreat is to facilitate the participants to initiate the development of their personal vision.

Overview Resources:
The Challenges: I have a vision, how do I put it on paper?
Are there other people who are also developing their visions?
I need help with the development of my vision.
I have put my vision down on paper, now what?
I need one on one help with my vision.

The Contents: Final selection of roles in our life.
Developing the purpose of the vision for all of the roles.
Developing ultimate sub-visions in our roles.
Break down of the visions into intermediate sub-visions.
Developing a strategy for our life based on the intermediate visions.

Delivery Options: Residential program.
What you receive: Workshop manual or presentation.
Results: Develop a road map for your vision. Network with other individuals who have visions. An opportunity to ask questions and concerns about your vision. An opportunity to get away from the daily hustle and bustle of life to fully focus on developing your vision.

Strategic Visions.
Strategic Time Management.
Bridging Differences: The Art of Creating Agreements.
Effective Leadership through Character.
Stress /Anger Management.
Sleep Management.
Where do You Want to Go?
Understanding Sound Ideology.

June 18th to June 19th and
At Bhopal.

Course Fee : INR 11111/- Inclusive of Lodging and Boarding.

Contact: Dr. Goswami @9893889604